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Thank You

The iNfinite Answers Restaurant System is the result of many years work, always fueled by a desire to create an information system that works accurately , thereby helping every manager to build the best restaurant business he or she possibly can.  Because every manager is unique, the path of the growth process is also exclusively unique to every business, but the tools and growth methodology to help make it happen are simple and universally common. 


Using these tools for growth means understanding that we will all do better tomorrow when we prepare for tomorrow by taking the necessary corrective action today. Waiting to take corrective action tomorrow is too late.  

Much has transpired since the vision for this system was first conceived. Hundreds of people, clients, programmers, networking specialists, security gurus and marketing people have all contributed by adding to our knowledge and experience.  Frequently it was just people with a story to tell.

IBM and their thousands of employees helped us make this system a reality through the development of their 64 bit chip, an advancement that was absolutely vital to the speeds and the management of disk storage space we required to run the system effectively. IBM's team have also added many processor improvements  to their line of "Watson" family of servers, the Power 9 servers we use.   


These improvements made possible the thousands of calculations required to update the costing for every recipe in virtually nano-seconds the instant every purchase is recorded. IBMi, now on the Power 9 Server made possible the ability to retain the complete detail of every purchase for several years, allowing us to be able to track and review not only ingredient costs but supplier marketing and packaging trends. Important to easing the managing huge volumes of data because supplier packaging is now an important factor in the development, setup and execution of the restaurant system. This may be a first in restaurant software!

All of these improvements helped in making it possible to combine the benefits of common off-the-shelf menu accounting with financial accounting, the data all captured in one single recording process rather than two. It is a process we have made even faster and easier by anticipating and pre-recording purchase events, particularly repetitive ones.

Many other companies, both clients and suppliers, have made significant contributions. Some large, some very small, but all are greatly appreciated and each one has made an essential contribution to the success we cherish to-day. It is now our honor to help you today to build your success for tomorrow.

The limitations on who we can help and how we can all help each other are endless. Each contribution each of us makes may seem  extremely tiny and insignificant, but thousands of tiny details are the reality of what makes controlling and growing the big picture possible.  

So too in the successful management of your RESTAURANT INVENTORY!         Thanks!

RE Bunn

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