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Ingredients List

Clicking on the "i" option on "Grilled Chicken Burger Platter" on the previously displayed page displays the recipe's entire list of ingredients, complete with the quantity of each item and an up-to-the-minute cost.


Included is a helpful notation as to the system's source of the data displayed. In this particular example, the first five items came from "pantry" inventory and the next two came from batch recipes.


Batch recipes are handled in the exact same manner as regular recipes, as shown here, except that they have a completed yield factor and a specified unit of measure to allow for further processing, but no selling price, only cost. Batch recipes can even precede batch recipes.


The last item comes straight out of the received goods inventory file.


This multi-function screen is also where ingredients can easily be modified, added, re-sequenced or deleted - simply by taking the appropriate option or function.  

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