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Service is what makes people happy and we like happy clients!

 We want to help you grow your business. Making sure you are getting appropriate financial reports, accurate menu reporting and helping your staff in  the overall flow of data are all essential tasks to helping you attain the knowledge required to effectively run your business. If that means you want us to key your data, we are delighted to help there too.

Site Licenses - Hosting

Software site licenses are required for both cloud based and on-site-server location  clients - one license is required for each business establishment. A license entitles the business establishment to access any and all services we provide and maintain for their primary industry.


For example, restaurants will typically use all or most of the following application features: General Ledger, Menu Accounting, Inventory Control, Payroll, Financial Reporting, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Payroll. Using our service allows all clients to use as many tools relative to that industry as we currently have or will have either now or in the future, generally at no additional fee.


For example, should you be using our system to manage a camp based restaurant food service environment and you have an agreement to invoice specific companies for construction and service employee meals, accounts receivable functionality can readily be added. There might be a small programming charge for development of unique invoice recording procedures but not necessarily for the accounts receivable interface itself because accounts receivable is a function of the existing Restaurant ERP accounting system.


Our desire is to help every client we have be as cost effective and efficient as possible.

Custom Programming

Almost every business owner has his or her own ideas as to what they want out of their information system. We are of the belief that, as much as one restaurant might look like another, it probably does not run the same as all others nor even the one down the street even though it may look exactly the same.

While most supplier of hosted services or off-the-shelf software suppliers deplore the idea that you might want to be different, we readily accept the challenge and welcome your uniqueness because your uniqueness is your strength!  

If you have an idea for a report that we do not have, it is likely only because you have not yet told us what it is you need. If your wish is for a small project, which is what programming for most reports are, there is generally no charge for programming the report.

It is only if your request takes several hours  we may need to negotiate a price for our programming services. It is otherwise usually  provided as a "no charge" service.

Remote Terminal Licenses to access Host Server

One user terminal license is the minimum purchase requirement for each restaurant.  User licenses are concurrent so the number of licenses required by each restaurant is  dependent upon the number of people and devices that are using the system at any given point of time. Devices include all PC Data entry access terminals as well as devices such as cell phones, tablets and cash registers. Generally, additional user licenses can be added on relatively short notice. These licenses issued as a one time charge with a small annual support fee.

On-going data entry services

The  sooner daily data transactions get entered into your database, the better, particularly accounts payable invoices -  especially those effecting inventory quantities and recipe costs.


Guess what!


We can do this as a service as well. 

Just E-mail or fax them to us daily, and as a chargeable service, our trained staff will enter and post them for you as quickly as possible. The great news is that, because menu accounting and financial accounting are one-in-the same to this system, two tasks are accomplished  simultaneously.

Initial Data Setup Services

Most restaurants have a lot of data capture that needs to be done before the system can become operational. This data entry includes such things as, supplier names and addresses, Inventory descriptions for recipe ingredients, recipes, inventory ingredient yields, conversion factor(s) for ingredients. conversion factors for batch recipes, supplier packaging methods, general ledger chart of accounts and (optionally) employee names and addresses and, at some point, year-to-date payroll as well as general ledger information.


We understand and appreciate how most restaurant owners, managers and administrative teams are already carrying as much or more administrative workload than they can handle. We also understand that most probably got into the restaurant business because they wanted to be entrepreneurial in the restaurant business, not in accounting and data entry. 


So, in order to alleviate, we provide startup data entry services for a preset fee based on a range of factors. Number of recipes, availability of recipe information, availability and access to yield information , the amount of time we feel it will take to capture the data, the urgency to make the system operational etc. 


You are encouraged to contact us at any time and as many times as they wish. Our clients are welcome to pick up the phone and give us a call.  There is no such thing as as question too trivial. It is a lot easier, faster and less costly to avoid mistakes than it is to correct them.


​Consultation calls are seen as  opportunities to learn more about things that we both can do to help each other, so we appreciate them immensely.

A consultation call not made is an opportunity lost.

We have not charged for consultation calls in the past and still have no plans to do so.

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