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Family restaurants really need to know the very same things that the big chain restaurants know. However, family owned restaurants rarely have the financial resources nor access to the computing power required to acquire and maintain that high level of technology.

The big chain restaurants know exactly what every plate they sell costs and what that plate is contributing to their margin the instant the cost or portioning of any ingredient changes. They have the tools required to fine tune their purchasing and monitor their portioning methodologies.


And, not surprisingly, the big chains are not about to divulge their knowledge nor are they offering up their prized tools for success costing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, to family owned restaurants. 


This is where we can help you make a huge difference and do it economically because your investment to get started in using our services is comparatively small. So small that as an investment, it is one you can likely ill afford to pass up.


To better understand how iNfinite Answers for Family Owned Restaurants can work for you, please take a look through the following  web pages, each supported by a brief explanation.

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