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​Running a highly successful restaurant requires a complete understanding that every day is a brand new day. We cannot change yesterday and tomorrow has not yet come. Today is the only day within our control.


What we do today determines what we will become tomorrow.


It is this simple fact alone that gives restaurant owners, not a guarantee, but the promise of a great potential for success, possibly greater than that of any other type of family owned businesses. 

Why is this so?


Because, compared to other businesses,  the knowledge cycle in restaurants is so short. Other business opportunities, like construction, farming and retail sales, they all require weeks, months. even years to encompass a complete knowledge cycle while the knowledge cycle in  a restaurant business can be as short as a few hours.

The strength we derive from such a short knowledge cycle is in acquiring business knowledge in minute detail and continually working and reworking the power of that detailed knowledge. For example: While managing an entire inventory may seem somewhat overwhelming, it becomes much simpler and easier when we look at the tiniest of details, analyze and respond to what we learn to our best ability on every inventory item on a frequent, possibly even repetitive basis.  

As a result: The renown rapid demise or failure of the restaurant business's  should not be so. The restaurant business is actually one of the easiest businesses there is to control!

Managing Family Owned Restaurants


Would you like to manage your family restaurant with far less work? Be more successful than you already are? Would you like your menu and financial accounting information to be as powerful or possibly even better than those of the big restaurant chains?    


If your answer to any of these questions is “yes!”, then we can help! 


Our expertise is in helping you capture all the details of your business and quickly turning your data into valued “decision making” information.

Information you can use today to make tomorrow even better.


 . . . . So that your job is what it should be – managing your restaurant, not doing the books.


Our objective is simple. To make your job as simple and efficient as possible by keeping you as informed as we possibly can. The more you let us do for you, the simpler and easier it gets for everyone.  To help you get started, we can assist by doing almost all the initial database set-up work for you. It is a big undertaking requiring the utmost in co-operation and trust but with both, we can help.


 We have invested thousands of hours in developing the iNfinite Answers ERP software for restaurants, thereby allowing the IBM Power9 server to do the heavy work computers were intended to do.  Having a high level of flexibility, this system can be implemented many ways – with either a lot or a limited computer reliance. The more reliance placed on the system, the simpler and easier life becomes for everyone involved in both capturing and subsequently working with the data. 


iNfinite Answers is much more than “just another menu tool”. It is an integrated information system whereby many new benefits are realized, most of which are not available on typical menu systems, even those coupled with common accounting systems.



  • Restaurant “Menu Costing” and all accounting functionality are fully integrated, handled as a one-step, totally seamless function. (Accounting functionality includes purchasing, receiving, accounts payable, inventory control, optional payroll, general ledger and financial reporting.)

  • Tracks a running balance on every inventory item’s “quantity on hand” and its usage based on recipe portions sold and purchases recorded.


  • Recipe ingredient costs changes are automatically and simultaneously recognized in every recipe the instant purchases are recorded.


  • Regardless of the number of pack sizes and combinations of packaging, or the number of suppliers you might be buying from, capturing the details of individual ingredients is quickly and easily handled with very little, almost no human intervention.


  • Select your own easy to understand “common purchase package unit” as your own personal presentation of choice when the system is reporting inventory on hand quantities.


  • Instant reporting on ingredients so that you can to quickly compare “theoretical usage” to “actual usage” to indicate the efficiency of every ingredient.


  • Over a very short period of time, fine-tune usage of any/or every ingredient in order to attain maximum efficiency and profitability in every menu item.


  • Exception reporting quickly highlights significant changes in ingredient costs.


  • Because the system knows the quantity on hand, the minimum quantities and anticipated usage for the anticipated order frequency, purchase orders can be automatically produced.


  • Similar or “Like” new recipes can be rapidly created by simply copying an existing one and making only the appropriate changes to the new copy, giving it a new name and menu item number.


  • You are not tied to any specific supplier. Purchase freely seeking excellence in quality and price.


  • Totally, seamlessly integrated with accounting, this system can produce “on-demand” financial statements at any time or frequency, concurrent and subject to the timeliness of data collected.


  • The system creates a detailed history of every recipe ingredient - instantly accessible any time you choose, taking you as far back in time as the initialization of the system.Who did we buy it from and how much? The system retains all information for a very long time – typically several years.


  • When the cost of any ingredient changes, you have instant access and knowledge of all menus affected by that cost change so that you can quickly make the appropriate judgement call. Decisions might be to alter the effected recipes, change portion sizes, find an alternate supplier or renegotiate a price with the current supplier. All are possible but only wise when and if you fully understand and appreciate the impact of your response.


  • Optional Payroll complete with reporting to Revenue Canada as well as T4 reports for your employees.

  • We are always looking for new ways to reduce the workload and increase your knowledge through an evolution of new reporting tools suited to your personal needs and management style.


  • In adddition to optional “set-up” services, we also provide optional on-going services to help enter, maintain and manage all your data on the IBM Power9 Server cloud environment.


       Please contact us on the above Support Tab or call  (506) 333-7363 for a free consultation!


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