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Ever wonder. . . What if ?

Happy Family
(Which ones excite you most?)
  1. I could work less and have more time for self, family and friends.

  2. I had accurate, instant menu costing.

  3. I had confidence of sustainability.

  4. I could build a more promising future.

Analysing the Numbers

Inventory Control - Key to.....

Attaining sustainability in a Family owned restaurant.

The wonderful thing about being in the food processing and restaurant business is the fact that inventory turns over so fast. Probably faster than in any other industry on the entire planet. On the opposite side of the coin, the problem with this fact is that integration of ingredients is so very complex and everything happens so quickly it almost seems futile to be concerned with the details of what is taking place.


Therein lies the problem.


Unless we can monitor and adjust the details, we cannot accurately see the big picture either -  the entire inventory.


When the details of what is happening in inventory details become clear to us, the ability to manage and control the entire inventory suddenly becomes much more obvious.


Knowing the details of every item is essential to being able to define what are  appropriate yield and portioning quantities so as to help attain better profit ratios and  accurate inventory control.

This is where we bring you the computing power experienced by the large restaurant chains. Until now, systems costing millions of dollars, systems that were not affordable and consequently not available to family owned restaurants.

There are no guarantees in any business but every restaurant owner can get a better, much closer handle on financial positioning and always be taking meaningful steps to help preserve long term sustainability.



Fresh Salad

Accurate Menu Costs - Essential for.....

Value Pricing for Your Guest's satisfaction and Profit Control

Every ingredient presents a moving cost factor in the making up every batch or plated serving of food. When ingredients have volatile costs due to so many  uncertainties, as we are seeing in to-days marketplace, accurate timely menu costing becomes not only much more difficult but also more important. 


The most accurate and most opportune time to capture and record rapidly changing prices is the instant we record each and every purchase, preferably within hours of invoice receipt.

Totally seamless integration and detailed data collection instantly updates every menu as well as simultaneously  fulfills all of the recording requirements for general financial purposes.

Value Building Your Future

Maybe you want to expand your present operation?  Maybe you want to develop a chain of franchise operations. Maybe you need to create a more convincing succession plan. The maybes can go on and on but the bottom line is that all businesses either grow or wither. Maintaining status quo is simply not possible.

Office Work

Paperwork - Can be reduced by...

Our New Service Offering - Decreases your work load giving you more time to manage your business,  more personal time.

One of our desires is that you have a successful installation and that your installation builds a solid data platform for  capturing and recording details on a daily basis.


In order to do that, accuracy in the configuration and set-up of your inventory and entire supporting control system is absolutely essential.


Years of experience has shown us that Information System configuration almost always takes, even very small companies, several months.  requiring  lots of time of you and your staff - time you probably don't have.


HOWEVER, "Infinite Answers" is not typical software and neither are we a typical hosting services company.


We dramatically shorten your installation time by doing almost all of it for you! The quicker you're operational, the sooner your in a position to experience the benefits.


Once installed, making your life even more simpler and easier, we  also enter and post your daily transactions with almost zero effort on your part.  

Accounting has never been easier and it's not just financial, but at long last, highly functional, because accounting now includes instant menu accounting too!


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